Boop! You found my manatee shrine.

In 2016, I spent the summer of a lifetime caring for Snooty the Manatee. Visit his memorial here.

I made an April Fool's Day manatee flyer for the staff area at the public library.

Manatee Adoption Center!

Feel free to download, use, and share these pixel manatees.

But your Modern Mermaid! good gracious me!
Who'd be inwiggled away from his tracks
Or be driven to bung up his ears with wax
By the wiles and smiles of a manatee?
A sort of shapeless squab sea-lubber,
A blundering bulk of leather and blubber,
Like an overgrown bottle of India-rubber;
The clumsiest, wobblingest, queerest of creatures,
With nothing but small gimlet-holes for features.
This a mermaid? Oh, don't tell me!
It's simply some sly scientifical spree..."

-from Punch magazine, July 20, 1878

What is a group of manatees called?

A group of manatees is called an aggregation... but that word doesn't suit such squishy creatures at all. I propose that we call them a bubble, or a cuddle, or maybe even a cozy of manatees!

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