Brilliant! You found my 13th Doctor shrine.

She was the universe.

Portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, 2018-2022.

Why do I love Thirteen? She's smart, she's cute... and I've always identified with the autistic-coded trope of an eccentric-yet-kind scientist. If the 13th Doctor had been around when I was younger, she might have shown me a glimpse into a future where I could be celebrated and loved as I am. After all, she's surrounded by friends. Here's to our good-hearted weirdo.

Likes: Custard Creams, science, tinkering, laminators, Yasmin Khan

Dislikes: Empty pockets, guns, saying goodbye

"Never had a flat. I should get one, I'd be good in a flat. I could get a sofa. Imagine me with a sofa, like my own sofa, I could get a purple one and sit on it. Am I being weird?"

Thirteen's Playlist (in progress):

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